Most of the countries in the developing world lack the
resources to adequately educate their youth and provide a
competitive workforce in today’s world economy. As the
world has shifted to a skilled, knowledge-based workforce,
the poor nations of the world are even less competitive
today than they were 40 years ago.  
The goal of ED4ALL is to improve educational opportunities
in developing countries by:

Reducing the cost of instructional delivery

•Increasing access by students

•Focusing education on job skills

The result will be building a more competitive workforce,
attracting greater capital investment to developing
countries and creating jobs — all of which will raise the
standard of living.  
This effort will require the support of many individuals and
organizations who share the world view that place of birth
ought not be the limiting factor preventing children from
realizing the advantages that so many others around the
world have by virtue of where they live. It will also require
shifting to a distance-education delivery model adapted to
the infrastructure realities of each local area.
Big Heart for a Small World