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In most developing countries, very few medical
doctors or other trained health professionals are
available in the remote rural areas where over 70% of
the population resides. In Sub-Saharan Africa,
approximately 25% of all children die before the age of
five of diseases that are 95% preventable or fully
Remote diagnosis is now possible using MED4ALL,
an innovative internet health care delivery system that
uses modern diagnostic, communication and
information technology to provide access to medical
experts and specialized medical staff at major
medical centers around the world.  
In operation, patients will be seen at MED4ALL
stations where symptoms will be recorded and
uploaded. Through chat or video conference modules,
doctors at linked medical centers will ask a series of
questions in order to make the determination as to
which diagnostic tests are needed. These tests will be
performed on the spot by a local technician, targeting
the most common and deadly diseases such as
malaria, pneumonia, diarrhea, typhoid, anemia and
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